1. Payment Terms
Full payment upon receipt of invoice. ADG reserves the right to cancel and relocate all bookings not complying with the payment terms.

2. Alteration to Event
ADG reserve the right to make such changes to the time, schedule, location, presenters or in the general plan of the event without penalty, as may be deemed necessary by ADG management, to be in the best interest of the event.

3. Cancellation of Event
Should the event be cancelled due to war and/or natural calamities, ADG shall be under no liability in any way in respect of any liability incurred by the sponsor/exhibitor. Participant will receive a full credit for the entire amount paid towards a future event taking place within one year.

4. Cancellation of Sponsorship/Exhibition
a. If the sponsor/exhibitor cancels by providing ADG with written notice, no monies will be refunded and the Sponsor/Exhibitor/Marketing Partner is liable to pay the full amount of the package to ADG within five (5) working days of the cancellation notice if payment has not been made.
b. If ADG cancels the event/sponsorship/exhibition/marketing package for any reason apart from those covered by Clause 3, the sponsor/ exhibitor/ marketing package will be refunded in full within fourteen (14) days for any payments already made for sponsorship/exhibit on that event.
c. If ADG cancels a scheduled event/sponsorship/exhibition due to the failure on the part of the sponsor/exhibitor to comply withpayment terms in Clause 2, the sponsor/exhibitor/marketing partner is liable to a fifty (50%) percent cancellation charges to be made payable to ADG within five (5) days of the cancellation notice.

5. Liability
ADG accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to properties or personal injuries that occurs during, or in preparation for, the event. In making arrangements with third parties for carriage by air, hotel, accommodation, transportation, or other services, for purposes related to the event/sponsorship/exhibition on behalf of the sponsor/exhibitor, ADG is protected from liability of any kind arising out of such arrangements.

6. Number of Delegates
ADG undertakes to extensively research and market each event but are unable to guarantee the number of delegates or their purchasing power or level of responsibility. Estimates made or given whether in publicity material about the event by or on behalf of ADG whether verbally or in writing shall not be constituted as a guarantee and is not incorporated or become part of the Agreement unless the estimate is contained in the amendment part of the Agreement and countersigned by a Director.

7. Extra charges
Any additional charges incurred at the event, which are not covered by the package, shall be borne by the sponsor/exhibitor. Any additional charges incurred at the event by the sponsor/exhibitor, which are billed to ADG are payable to ADG within five (5) working days of receipt of invoice.

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